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No Driving Gloves

No Driving Gloves

No Driving Gloves is a collection of podcasts hosted by Derek and John, who share their extensive knowledge and expertise on the collector car hobby. With decades of experience in restoration, historical conservation, and museum industries, they offer a unique perspective on the automotive world. Each episode features a variety of topics and guests, making for a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Their unparalleled knowledge of automotive history makes No Driving Gloves a valuable resource for anyone interested in the collector car hobby.

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No Driving Gloves is sponsored by the FurDozer.


Recent Episodes

What Do John and Derek Know? Overcoming the Fear of Imposter Syndrome 253

May 29, 2023

In this episode of No Driving Gloves, hosts John and Derek discuss imposter syndrome and their backgrounds in car knowledge. They also discuss their favorite cars and the importance of experience and controversy in the world…

Collecting by Gen Z Ep 252

April 5, 2023

We introduce a new co-host, Bryan Bush: a 27-year-old engineer and part of Generation Z. After introductions, John and Bryan discuss what cars Generation Z might start collecting as they enter the collector car hobby. It is …

GM's $854 Million Investment in the Small Block V8 251

March 28, 2023

In episode 251 of No Driving Gloves, hosts John and Derek discuss why anyone would spend almost a billion dollars to create a gasoline motor when everything is moving towards electric vehicles. They also delve into the histo…

We Are Back! 250

March 22, 2023

NDG is back. This a quick episode to catch you up and tell you what is in store. Adding a host, upcoming topics. What we aren't going to do any longer. What we are going to do. producer@nodrivingglove…


Jan. 22, 2023

In this, our final episode of 2022, Derek and I sit down and discuss the road forward for NDG with a season format being added. The artwork is being redone, and a few other things are happening at NDG. We are not leaving you…

Mitch Cobb co-founder Birmingham Road and Race 236

Nov. 17, 2022

Mitch has done a lot in his very few years. He was an upcoming NASCAR driver with Elliot Racing in his teens. A professional motorcycle, racecar restorer, and drag racer in his 20's. Now in his 30's, he has started his busin…

About the Hosts

Derek MooreProfile Photo

Derek Moore


Derek Moore is a pre-war expert, never mind his day job as a museum curator of more modern sports cars. Having a degree in Museum Conservation and extensive knowledge of the automobile's history, his expertise cannot be matched when it comes to preserving and caring for historic automobiles.

Will PoseyProfile Photo

Will Posey


Will Posey is the owner and operator of his own Hot Rod shop. Having built many well know hot rods over the years Will has gained a strong following in the industry. Soon Will will have his own TV show alongside Courtney Hansen. He graduated from McPherson College alongside John.

John VivianiProfile Photo

John Viviani


By day John is a collector car consultant and podcast producer. However, he has had a 30-year career working with automobile museums, restoration, and general repair. Holding multiple degrees from various institutions including McPherson College. John offers you his insight into general automotive trivia, post-war sports cars, and the most up to date industry news.