No Driving Gloves

4 automotive industry professionals musing over whatever they feel like. With backgrounds in restoration, conservation, hot rods, automotive history, simulation, and racing who knows where the conversation will go.

Recent Episodes

Getting Parts 170

April 26, 2021

Getting parts is a bitch, so we vent a little, then shipping, trading a hotel for an RV. One of us …

Relaxation 169

April 12, 2021

Does your car relax you? Is working on your car fun? Personal goals.

Storytelling 168

March 31, 2021

Museums- Some of the background on storytelling in a museum, and buying museum cars. John's CRX. Ho…

JC Whitney and 4 Door Corvettes 167

March 15, 2021

Whatever happened to JC Whitney? Derek gets a Chrysler. John is offered a CRX, Turns out John has m…

We want your feedback 166

March 2, 2021

We ask the listeners to provide some feedback on the show. Not really a show. but research.

George Sedlak is more than Evel 165

Feb. 22, 2021

George Sedlak has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Making clay elephants as a bit, cu…

About the Hosts

John Viviani


By day John is a collector car consultant and podcast producer. However, he has had a 30-year career working with automobile museums, restoration, and general repair. Holding multiple degrees from various institutions including McPherson College. John offers you his insight into general automotive trivia, post-war sports cars, and the most up to date industry news.

Will Posey


Will Posey is the owner and operator of his own Hot Rod shop. Having built many well know hot rods over the years Will has gained a strong following in the industry. Soon Will will have his own TV show alongside Courtney Hansen. He graduated from McPherson College alongside John.

Derek Moore


Derek Moore is a pre-war expert, never mind his day job as a museum curator of more modern sports cars. Having a degree in Museum Conservation and extensive knowledge of the automobile's history, his expertise cannot be matched when it comes to preserving and caring for historic automobiles.

Sean Yoder


Sean has done everything a car guys wants. Starting with his first car a '69 Camaro, to his current role building and designing his own racing simulators at a company he co-owns. Sean has spent time racing, then instructing with Porsche, SRT, Aston, among others.