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Chris Sebas/ Evans WaterlessProfile Photo

Chris Sebas/ Evans Waterless

Evans Cooling Systems today announced that Chris Sebas has been promoted to Powersports Sales and Marketing Manager. Chris has been with Evans since November of 2017 focusing on expanding Evans line of waterless coolants through its dealer network in the northeast. Chris’ new responsibilities include working with Powersports distribution channels to grow sales throughout North America. In addition Chris will be involved with marketing campaigns, sponsorship programs, and racing events.

“Over the past few years Chris has made a great contribution to our growth,” said Jeff Bye, COO of Evans Cooling. “Chris has the energy, technical knowledge, and skills to a to be a valuable member of the Evans management team.”

Chris’ responsibilities are not limited to Powersports as he remains very involved with the Automotive High Performance market. Chris is a muscle car enthusiast and participates in several events throughout the year.

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