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Jim Simpson

Interested from birth in anything with wheels, Jim developed a love of mechanical devices that became a lifetime love affair with automobiles and their designs. As a young boy in Houston, Texas, he started drawing cars and went on to a GM sponsored mechanics program, a formal 3-year apprenticeship in European cars and a further 2-year Ferrari apprenticeship. He has had his own business restoring and repairing high-end sports cars since 1975, primarily specializing in high-end classic Italian and Japanese automobiles. Having held his first job as a mechanic at the age of 13, Jim now has half a century of experience with cars of diverse makes and origins.

April 13, 2020

Jim Simpson More Than Miata 122

Jim Simpson of Simpson Design () and owner of Contemporary Classics () is known for Italian Styled Miata Rebodies, but he goes so…

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