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Raymond Iddings


Ray Iddings has been producing and developing unscripted series for 16 years. With shows like SPEED's Drag Race High, a show that pitted two rival high schools against each other, to Burnout a successful reality show on MTV2 featuring motocross legend Carey Hart and Six-Time Top Fuel Champion Clay MIllican. 10 seasons of PASSTIME, the first drag racing game show, could be seen daily on SPEED. Ray has produced 100's of hours of television, webisodes and music videos. Ray also started a successful podcast on vw dragrace in 2005

Air-cooling it w/ Ray Iddings 179

July 26, 2021

We grab Ray Iddings and discuss Air-cooled VWs, Volkscast Radio, the early days of podcasting, and TV production. We talk about Pinks, American Pickers, Drag Race High, Pass TIme, and get some untold stories from behind the …