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  1. By clicking on the box in your guest submission or by appearing on the show and answering yes to terms you agree to the following. 
  2. First, you will be communicating with one of our hosts, or possibly me John Viviani, Host, Creator, and Producer of No Driving Gloves. I can be reached via email at or 205.470.0191 in case you need to get in touch.
  3. If you haven't listened to No Driving Gloves before, we a conversational podcast. Our goal is to be like 3 or 4 guys sitting around talking cars, Letting the listener in on the conversation. The interview style is very informal with very few scripted questions. We are always looking beyond what has been said to find out what hasn't.  We do try to keep a "clean" rating so we ask that you try and watch your language.  Any inappropriate language or innuendos may be altered to fit a "clean" rating for publication in Apple Podcasts and certain foreign markets.
  4. ​Next, we ask you to use a very good quality, corded, USB headset, or a Dynamic Cardioid Microphone. The microphone built into your laptop or desktop does not provide good audio quality. Any production that has subpar audio may not be published or may have limited release. This decision lies solely with the show producer.
  5. ​Make sure you have a QUIET spot. Be aware of background noises such as fans, heaters, air-conditioners, generators, etc. We will be recording in the evening in an attempt to cut down on noise and interruptions. Any audio distractions may cause a portion of the show to edited to eliminate any noises. Repeated noise, such as clicking or background talk may cause the production not to be released.
  6. ​You should also be aware of what your hands are doing. Try to sit with your fingers laced together so you can twiddle your thumbs – you would be surprised how easily clicking pens and other doo-dongs get picked up by the mic!
  7. ​All interviews are recorded both audio and video when possible. The audio will be edited for quality and time. Rarely do we edit content. The video is raw and not edited. This is an audio production foremost. Video is only available to subscribers behind a paywall. Please be aware once the producer states recording has begun everything will be recorded until the producer states the recorders are off.
  8. ​If the production gets sidetracked and an unapproved product or business is plugged, promoted, or mentioned, the show may fail to publish or publish with sections edited. 
  9. ​There is no guarantee that your production will release. Your production will be scheduled after recording unless agreed upon prior to recording, a prior recording scheduled release date does not guarantee the release of the episode. 
  10. No Driving Gloves shall receive no compensation for any appearance on the production. If compensation is provided it shall be fully disclosed during the episode.  As such No Driving Gloves does not pay to have a guest on the production without full disclosure. This clause does not prevent a guest from promoting themselves, their product, or business. In turn for allowing the guest to promote themself, their product, or business Guest agrees that a link to the production will be included in a social media post. The said post shall remain active for a period of no less than 5 calendar days.
  11. ​The Guest affirms he has all necessary permissions to conduct this interview on behalf of the entity living or dead, human or otherwise. No Driving Gloves shall not be held liable for any damaging or false statement made during the recording of this production.
  12. ​The guest and any business, product, or person they are being interviewed about understanding that No Driving Gloves may for eternity plus a day distribute this production anywhere in the known and unknown universe in the video, audio, or any other format created in the past, present, or future. This is a full license that No Driving Gloves owns all rights to this production and may distribute in its entirety ar portions thereof for entirety plus one day by any technology past, present or future. A copy of the production shall be provided to the guest upon request.
  13. ​By checking the box on the guest information page or by answering in the affirmative to having read these terms in the pre-show the guest is agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above. By recording with No Driving Gloves shall also be interpreted as agreeing to all terms and conditions. Once the recording has completed all these terms and conditions shall remain in place for eternity plus one day.