July 16, 2020

3D Car Printing w/ Sterling Part 3 Episode 142

A replay of Sean interviewing Sterling in 2019 about his 3D printed "Lamborghini". Find out how far he has come in a year! This is from Sean's radio show Zero to 60. Part 3 of 3 in this series. Find 3D Car Printing on Facebook Or YouTube at...

July 15, 2020

3D Car Printing w/ Sterling Part 2 Episode 141

This is a walkaround of Sterling's 3D Printed "Lamborghini". There is no editing of audio and the video can be viewed on our Patreon. This is our walk-around or the project with Sterling and part 2 of 3 in this series. Find 3D Car Printing on Facebook...

July 14, 2020

3D Car Printing w/ Sterling Part 1 Episode 140

Ever want to make a car? Not build, but literally make everything. After his son asked if they could do just that, Sterling decided they could. Yes, there is some steel involved, he is actually printing everything he can on a hobby 3D printer. After...

July 02, 2020

Sean and John Talk About Nothing Ep 139

Just a fun off the cuff quickie. New changes at NDG. Avoiding Bronce talk. Toys cars. What's going on. Just a bit of fun nothing, but still car talk. Visit our webpage www.nodrivinggloves.com

June 23, 2020

Johnny McDevitt From Blueprint Engines 138

Johnny McDevitt from Blueprint Engines chats about 75 Road Runners, Tube Frame Zamboniees, new crate Hemis (?), his co-workers, 638 Chevy Powered Triumphs and Nashes. We actually don't stray too far from the main topic for a change. Blueprint Engines ...

June 19, 2020

Our Take- The Best ATTRACTION for Car Lovers 137

USA Today has a poll running, The Best Attraction for Car Lovers. Having visited all but a few of the nominees Sean and John discuss the official nominees, wonder what put these on the list. Question why others are listed. Then of course make their...

June 17, 2020

Wheels of Change online w/ Ken Yohn and Mcpherson College 136

A BONUS episode! We quickly grabbed Professor Ken Yohn from McPherson College, to discuss an online Class they are offering. Ken will guide you through "Wheels of Change" over 6 classes and teaches how the automobile impacted the world. These are real...

June 10, 2020

The Crazy Cars of Jeff Lane Motor Museum 135

Jeff Lane has a very eclectic collection of cars at the Lane Motor Museum that we all want. Mirco Cars, Propeller Cars, Non-US Market Cars, Gyro Cars. He displays what he likes and it turns out so does everyone else. We discuss his exhibits, the...

June 09, 2020

Doublin' Down with Bryan Fuller 134

Bryan Fuller comes on this week to talk about everything. His new custom paint shop, for your ride. His TV Shows Car FIx and Caffeine and Octane. His new shop, in an old Ferrari Dealership. HIs cars being redesigned in Forza by his son. The Futuristic...

June 02, 2020

Smokin' Tires with Matt Farah 133

The man himself joins us this week, Matt Farah. Is a Countach more expensive than a Honda to maintain? Lane splitting is safe? Matt may give up the places to drive in LA. Of course watch talk and Westside Collector Car Storage. We may even discuss...

May 26, 2020

Ben Keating 5 Years to Daytona 131

Ben Keating got a Christmas gift in 2006 from his wife. It sent him down a racetrack. Five years later he is competing at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. He is designing race cars. He is doing it his way. Sean gives a quick in-depth look at the man...

May 18, 2020

Phil Sohn Rotary and Beyond 131

Phil Sohn known for his FD RX-7 builds, his collection of Rotary cars, his Deals Gap Rotary Run joins us to talk Corvettes, LS motors, and of course rotaries. We touch on his latest build and his possible retirement from building show-stopping cars!

May 12, 2020

David Picciuto Making it His Way 130

We grab someone from outside the industry this week. David Picciuto who is a "maker" with a successful YouTube channel "Make Something" and a podcast "Making It" joins us to talk his recently found foray into Go-Carting. An interest lost over time...

May 08, 2020

Tony Whatley SideHustle Driven 129

Tony joins us again. A car guy who made millions and now helps coach people to their own successful businesses or side hustles. We discuss ideas to help get through business slowdowns due to COVID-19. A lot of talk about opportunities that are out...

May 05, 2020

Courtney Hansen- The Ride That Got Away 128

Courtney Hansen, in one of her longest interviews, has a major announcement! NDG Exclusive! After we get personal, talk life in front of and behind the camera, family, cooking, dishes, and we might talk a bit about cars. DO NOT miss this one! Find...

May 01, 2020

Randy Pobst Beyond Racing 127

Legendary racer Randy Pobst joins us in maybe one of the longest freeform interviews he has ever given. And we don't touch on it all. Racing, motorcycles, Corvette, Porsches, McLarens, Tail of the Dragon, competitors we do hash through a bunch. Grab...

April 27, 2020

Adam Martin Insuring Your Lifestyle 126

Insurance professional Adam Martin answers many questions about insuring your collectible- How to insure? What questions to ask? What is track insurance? Do I need a garage? Can I drive My collectible? We spend over an hour getting the direct answers....

April 25, 2020

Amanda Gutierrez McPherson More Than Restoration 125

Amanda Gutierrez VP of Auto Restoration at McPherson College discusses the Restoration Program and all the college offers outside of restoration. How the program has changed since John and Will's time there 20 years ago. The new things happening. The...

April 21, 2020

Riley Technologies Doing Their Part 124

Bill Riley joins us and discusses how Riley has pivoted business during the shutdown. They have dedicated their engineering and production to the creation of medical devices much needed at this time. Then to cheer it up we talk racing, engineering,...

April 17, 2020

Cannonball in a Health Crisis 123

In an honest car guy conversation, Sean and John have differing views on the most recent Coast to Coast record run. This is exactly as if you were eavesdropping on them. They talk Cannonball, rules, no rules, can you break the rules when there are no...

April 13, 2020

Jim Simpson More Than Miata 122

Jim Simpson of Simpson Design () and owner of Contemporary Classics () is known for Italian Styled Miata Rebodies, but he goes so far beyond. He has restored some of the greatest cars ever made, he has owned many of those. He builds resin stying model...

April 08, 2020

Racing into the New World 121

Without a doubt, things will be changing. We fall into a topic of Virtual racing, eGaming, and real-world racing. We get deep into eRacing, sponsors, how it actually takes place, is it real, is it fair, what is involved. A rabbit hole that makes you...

April 04, 2020

Getting Tom Cotter out of the Barn 120

Tom Cotter famous from his marketing company, auto journalist, and his writing careers, takes an hour from his busy schedule to chat with us. He speaks how he is effectively using this time for an upcoming book, his prior books, his life, and his...

April 01, 2020

Corona Doesn't Go With Cars 119

It was unavoidable, we had to talk COVID-19 / Corona. We give some thought on how we at this stage think it will affect the car hobby. Not giving advice, just our thoughts. Right? Wrong? We don't know.