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No Driving Gloves


Dominos and Dodge 39

March 19, 2018

John sits with you this weeks nd gives his thoughts on Domino"s and trademark litigation over one of their wrecked delivery vehicles. Then he voices his worries over the longevity of the Dodge and Chrysler nameplates.

Stick to the Rules 38

March 12, 2018

Will is back from his trip last week and the guys visit judging and rules as they show apply to a show. When and if exceptions should be made. If rules can be changed in the process.

History of the Car Part 1 37

March 5, 2018

John and Derek discuss the history of the automobile from the earliest  conceptions up until World War I. How it changed some the forgotten men behind the the auto and some just general trivia and stories. (and rumors) A bit…

Show Prep-Getting There 36

Feb. 26, 2018

How do we get ready for shows. Who pays the way, Why do we chose the shows we do. A little of everything.

Out There-Collector Cars In Space 35

Feb. 12, 2018

Of course we talk about the Tesla in Space, then should you invest in a collector knowing you will be upside down? Is it bad?

Sinkhole Corvette Announcement

Feb. 10, 2018

Derek let's you in on a Facebook Live happening from the National Corvette Museum!

Biggest Challenges 33- The Missing Episode

Feb. 4, 2018

Delayed two weeks by technical problems, we discuss some of the challenges we have encountered during restorations or car building.

You Got The Look 34

Jan. 29, 2018

Having recently purchased a ride the guys discuss what custom touches are the must do for a daily driver. Some surprising results result.

To Buy or Not to Buy 32

Jan. 15, 2018

How do we buy cars? What do we look for in a purchase? While we can't cover everything in one hour you get some of our best advice.

Forward Looking Reflections 31

Jan. 8, 2018

Discussing an article that talks about 2018 predictions. However the guys realize they have already discussed most of these predictions. Throw in a few good rants ad you have the episode.

Defining the Rods 30

Dec. 25, 2017

So many terms- Hot Rod, Street Rod, RestoRod, Rat Rod, Junk, Rod, Street Machine.... Will and John take advantage of Derek being gone to discuss. The final episode of 2017!

Radwood 29

Dec. 18, 2017

John makes the guys discuss Radwood. a car show based around 1980's and 90's car that also requires you to dress in the style of the day. Think Goodwood, but without a race track and cooler cars. (Last said by John).

How We Make Good Choices 28

Dec. 11, 2017

With Will missing in action John and Derek begin a discussion on how certain choices are made in the restoration and museum worlds in relation to how a car car should be restored, preserved or maintained.

All I Want for CarMas 27-Take 2

Dec. 5, 2017

Sorry if this is the second time you received this. The original file upload was missing 20 minutes f the show. I don’t know why. We talk this week about various items we use or want in our shop. We are kind of hoping you ma…

Surfin' the Web 26

Nov. 27, 2017

How do we spend our tie on the internet? The discussion leads us all to discover websites each of us use daily to either help is at work or just to find a bit of fantasy. Be careful as some of these can get you in trouble wa…

Do Worthless Collectibles Exist? 25

Nov. 20, 2017

This week the guys take on an article claiming that 12 very popular cars from the 1980's and 90's are worthless. Can it be true? Can some of the most popular cars of our youth be non-collectible? Or even worth-less?

All About The Future 24

Nov. 13, 2017

Will is back from SEMA and tells about what is in store on that horizon, then everyone discusses the dune buggy ban in the great state of Texas and we conclude about Bob Lutz predictions on the death of the automobile.

Cyber Security in Your Car and Rethinking Tesla 23

Nov. 6, 2017

With Will at SEMA we invite Patreon supporter Anthony Layton on the show to discuss his interest in TT Trucks, his thoughts on automotive Cyber security, but not before John expresses his thoughts on Tesla's 11/1 news.

It as to Start Somewhere 22

Oct. 31, 2017

We all woke up one day with high paying jobs in the collector car world. Not. Still haven't but what started us down the road to to Museums, Hot Rods, and racetracks?

Why are we not Coachbuilding or are we? 21

Oct. 23, 2017

Picking up on a topic discussed briefly over the last few weeks the guys dive into coachbuilding in the modern era. Why are more custom cars not Coachbuilt, or are they? Is anyone doing it?

It's Been 20 Folks!

Oct. 16, 2017

Wow! We are 20 episodes in already. Seems like just last week we launched. We go and recap all of our prior episodes and even add new content added to many.

Jordan, A girl who does it all 19

Oct. 9, 2017

This week John sits down and talks with 2017 SCCA Fletcher Cup winner. Pro Solo Trophy winner. Pistol Instructor. Doctor Jordan Towns.

Stylin and Profilin 18

Oct. 2, 2017

A lose conversation about automotive styling. What happened to the coachbuilders? Current design trends.

Finding Places 17

Sept. 25, 2017

We all the cars (or a list of the cars). However where do you put them once you have them? We discuss our challenges or lack there of on the storage front.